Kay Deluca (untappedbeauty) wrote,
Kay Deluca

Art and fanmix for Give Me Just Enough

First, slashxmistress made a cover for my fic!

I never expected that my fic would get art, so I was so happy to get this! I mean, look at that and tell me it isn't the perfect photo choice to show off one of the central characters in the fic: Ryan's monstercock! And doesn't Jon look like he could be kind of hypnotized by it? I love that expression!

The photo choices are A++, and then it's like a little slideshow of Jon and Ryan being cute together at the bottom. Thank you, Trish! You're so awesome for making it for me. :D

Then there's my fanmix, courtesy of the_powerlines: Download it here!

Let me say right off the bat that I felt really bad for the_powerlines, because the first draft of my story that she was working from was heavy on the sex but EVEN LIGHTER on conflict than the final version is. So she didn't have a fic that really lent itself to mixing! But she STILL came up with a great mix for me!

I love that it has sexy songs for the sexy times, but the very first verse of the first track, "Satellite Mind," has that about-to-fall-asleep feeling, where you might forget what you were thinking about if you don't tell someone else or write it out before you go to bed. It's PERFECT for the opening scene of the fic!

That sets the tone for how she was able to pick songs that are eclectic and satisfying and complement the fic. I was listening to the whole thing on repeat the other night and was just so pleased and happy with it. Thank you so much, the_powerlines! Aside from making a great mix, you've totally turned me on to at least two artists I need to hear more from: Jose Gonzales (I LOVE "Heartbeats") and The Raconteurs (they have such a neat sound)!

So now that I'm done gushing, you can feel free to give 'em some love, too. They deserve it!
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