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FIC: At The Same Time, In Another Room -- Spencer/Brendon, NC-17

Not so very long ago, I did that meme where people could ask questions about my fic, and I wrote up the answers here. A couple were just short little blurbs, but
I went into more detail on a few of them that some might want to read:

Then disarm_d had to go and ask about the first time Spencer fucked Brendon in We Started From. And I simply could not answer that question without a lot of detail, so the answer is behind the cut, in the form of a sort-of outtake PWP. If you're not familiar with We Started From, then the whole first part probably won't make a whole hell of a lot of sense.

At The Same Time, In Another Room
Spencer/Brendon, NC-17, ~4,800 words

Author's note: During the writing of this, I realized my WSF timeline is fucked up. Pretend like I don't suck and there was enough time for some fooling around between the first time Spencer and Brendon kiss and the night Jon and Ryan hook up for the first time (which, oops! Is actually the night after the first night Spencer and Brendon kiss! *facepalms*). Because this happens the same night Jon and Ryan have sex.

Oh, and fair warning? This is practically ROMANCE NOVEL SEX because it is so sweet and slow and sappy. But with fewer terrible euphemisms, yayyyyy!

Last but not least, thank you to saturnalia for giving this a close readthrough and catching my typos so quickly. You're awesome! *smooches you*

Spencer won't talk to Brendon about it, won't tell him what's going on with Ryan. And Brendon doesn't get why Ryan's so upset, because okay, maybe Ryan doesn't want them, or so Brendon's gathered from the past few days. But Spencer said Ryan did want Jon, and Brendon's not dumb; he could see that, too, at least in hindsight. He just doesn't get why Ryan's making everything harder than it has to be, why he's making Spencer's mouth go tight and unhappy when this could be easy, and when it could be so good, amazing, even.

"Should we try to talk to Ryan?" Brendon asks when they get to their hotel room. Ryan's room is at the other end of the hall, and he slammed the door hard when he went in, but not as hard as Spencer slammed their door.

"No," Spencer says shortly. He doesn't elaborate, just slings his stuff onto one bed. Brendon sets his down on the other bed, but Spencer picks it up immediately and dumps it next to his own stuff.

He turns back to Brendon, and Brendon blinks. Spencer's mouth is suddenly softer, and he rolls his shoulders out of their tense set. "Sorry," Spencer says. "Just. I think he needs some distance. Though apparently I could be completely wrong." He doesn't sound pissed like he did before, just defeated, and Brendon steps closer, heart pounding. He eases his hand into Spencer's and relaxes when Spencer clasps back.

"It'll be okay," Brendon says, even though he isn't quite sure what's wrong. It's mostly a Ryan-Spencer thing, he thinks, but he knows he's part of what's going on, too, so it's a Ryan-Spencer-Brendon thing, but he's just less familiar with the territory and is trying to stay out of the way and let them work it out so he can come along. He wonders -- maybe if he weren't in the way, things would be going easier, and it just makes him clutch Spencer's hand tighter, because he doesn't want to give Spencer up, not even for Ryan, not even to Ryan.

Spencer lifts his other hand and cups it behind Brendon's neck, turning Brendon toward him and tugging him close. He rests their foreheads together, and Brendon closes his eyes and breathes, easier now that he can match his inhale-exhale to Spencer's. Spencer pets along his nape, then angles Brendon's jaw up and kisses him softly.

Brendon's heart starts pounding all over again as he presses himself in close and wraps his arms behind Spencer's neck. It's. It's better than anything he ever would have hoped for, the way Spencer's mouth moves over his own gently and sweetly and how it makes Brendon want so much. He's had Spencer's kisses and Spencer's mouth on his cock, Spencer touching him and him touching back, and he's gotten to not just hear but see Spencer come now, and still, every time Spencer kisses him, something swells in his chest until he can hardly breathe. It's new, but sort of familiar, because he remembers the same swell used to come every time Ryan smiled at him or touched him or laughed at one of Brendon's jokes, before Ryan marked himself strictly off limits and Brendon pushed that feeling down.

He doesn't have to push it down when he's with Spencer, so he lets it come, breath going uneven while Spencer's mouth moves over his, while he feels Spencer lick over his bottom lip, then tease his tongue against Brendon's until Brendon moans and deepens the kiss. He tightens his arms until they're pressed together close and Spencer's arms are tight around his back.

Spencer pulls away, enough that Brendon can't crane his neck enough to follow, to maintain contact, but Spencer soothes his hands down Brendon's sides when Brendon makes a protesting noise.

"Hey," Spencer says, and Brendon opens his eyes to Spencer's slow smile. "Bed?" Spencer asks, and oh, wow. They haven't had a bed yet, not since this started.

Brendon doesn't bother answering, just jumps on the bed and bounces a little bit. "Perfect," he says. He strips off his shirt and lies back, and Spencer coughs. "Too fast?" Brendon asks.

Spencer shrugs. "Maybe a little. We have time."

"Oh," Brendon says, and puts on his poutiest voice and expression. "Then I guess it's really too soon to ask you to fuck me."

Spencer's eyes widen and heat at the same time, and it's just almost comical. Brendon would totally laugh if Spencer weren't sort of clumsily tackling him and keeping his mouth busy.

Brendon moans into Spencer's mouth when Spencer settles fully on top of him, because it's the first time they've had enough room, enough privacy for him to take Spencer's weight. It feels so good, amazing, better than anything, to feel Spencer pressed all along his body, to have Spencer's leg pushing between his own. He shivers and arches a little, rubbing against Spencer's thigh, starting to harden while Spencer kisses him again and again, smoothing one hand back into Brendon's hair, then settling it gently over his cheek.

"Spencer," Brendon sighs when Spencer finally pulls back and pants against Brendon's mouth. Spencer rubs back down against Brendon, and oh, Brendon can feel Spencer going hard against his hip.

In response, Spencer dips his head and kisses Brendon again, briefly, lips not quite lining up, but it's perfect because he can feel Spencer's smile in the press of lips. "I love your mouth," Spencer murmurs into Brendon's skin, and strokes the side of Brendon's neck. Brendon feels almost like a cat with the way the words and the touch make something content and pleased curl in his chest, to the point that, if he were able, he'd be purring for Spencer. He hums instead, the best he can do, and drags his hands up Spencer's back, rucking his shirt up so he can touch skin.

"Off," he says hopefully, tugging at the material.

"Yeah," Spencer says, and Brendon opens his eyes when Spencer sits up and drags the shirt off over his head. Spencer's belly is soft where Brendon likes to tickle him, and Spencer shivers when Brendon rubs the backs of his fingers below Spencer's navel, over the trail of hair and down to the waistband of his jeans.

"These too," Brendon says, and Spencer nods. Spencer stands and toes off his shoes and socks, then opens his jeans, pushing them down. Brendon's seen Spencer like this before, even seen him naked, but it feels different, especially with the way Spencer's slower than usual, not matter-of-fact in their removal. He isn't putting on a show, but he's watching Brendon, and maybe, maybe getting distracted, because Brendon's highly aware of how hard he is in his own pants, dick pressing uncomfortably against his fly. Brendon doesn't mind Spencer looking, likes it even, because he's staring at Spencer, too, where his cock is straining against the front of his briefs. Brendon likes that he can see how hard Spencer is, but that there's still that little bit of cover, that shred of modesty.

Spencer climbs back onto the bed and straddles Brendon's legs, reaching for the snap of Brendon's jeans. "May I?" he asks, mouth curling up, and Brendon nearly giggles at the formality. He settles for a smile and offers his own formality: "Yes, please."

Spencer takes his time, popping the button open, then sliding the zipper down. He tugs the jeans off slowly, stopping to rub his thumbs over the lines the seams of Brendon's jeans have left on his thighs. Brendon bites his lip and watches Spencer's fingers against his skin, all the way down until Spencer eases Brendon's feet out of his shoes, pulls off his socks, then tugs the denim over his feet and drops Brendon's jeans on the floor.

Brendon expects their underwear to go next, but instead, Spencer lies down on his side, next to Brendon, tangling their bare legs together when Brendon follows, rolling onto his own side and seeking Spencer's mouth. They kiss and kiss, slick tongues and swollen lips and sometimes a hint of teeth, until Brendon feels dizzy with it. When they finally pull apart for breath, Brendon's leg is thrown over both of Spencer's and their hips are fit snugly together, cocks riding together through the soft cotton of their underwear.

"So will you?" Brendon asks when he has enough breath back, hips rolling forward just barely, because they seem to have a mind of their own, and it feels so good.

Spencer's eyes dip to Brendon's mouth then back up, and Brendon guesses he can understand why, if his lips look anything like Spencer's, red and wet and puffy from kissing. "What?" Spencer asks raggedly.

"Will you fuck me?" Brendon asks, and holds his breath.

He doesn't have to hold it for long, because Spencer's eyes fall shut and his hips surge against Brendon's before he breathes, "God, yes."

Then, in direct contrast to his reply, Spencer pulls away entirely and places one hand in the center of Brendon's chest to keep him from following. There must be a point to it, because Spencer opens up his mouth to say something, but then his eyes stray down to the splay of his fingers on Brendon's chest, and Brendon looks down, too, and oh. Spencer's fingers span from nipple to nipple almost, warm against Brendon's skin. It looks...nice. Brendon likes seeing Spencer's hand there, natural, like it belongs, especially when Spencer starts stroking his skin -- petting it, really -- circling his nipples and then rubbing his fingers down to Brendon's stomach, making the muscles jump under his touch. Spencer's still watching his hand when he starts to speak.

"I, uh. Need to not have you touching me for a while if I'm going to last at all," Spencer says, smiling ruefully. "You just...stay here. I'll get the stuff."

Spencer stands and pads to the other bed. Brendon stays put mostly, just rolling onto his stomach and propping himself up on his elbows so he can watch Spencer move toward his bag and open it up. He doesn't so much watch Spencer's hands, instead watching the play of muscles in his back, gaze wandering down to Spencer's thighs and hips and thinking that Spencer's briefs need to go, because Spencer should really be fully naked right now.

Naked is a good idea, he decides, and wiggles out of his own underwear. They get sort of caught around one ankle, and he's trying to kick them off when Spencer turns around and starts laughing at him.

Brendon starts to tell Spencer to shut the fuck up, but catches sight of the condom wrapper and lube bottle in Spencer's hands, and bites his lip instead. Spencer stares at his mouth, then his ass, and shuts up all on his own.

"Just a sec," Spencer says, dropping the lube and condom on the bed. He pushes down his own underwear and kicks them off, and Brendon misses most of what Spencer's doing, because he's twisting his head back to stare over his own shoulder. He looks his fill while Spencer takes Brendon's calf in his hand and unhooks his underwear, dropping it and stroking his fingers over Brendon's leg. Spencer looks so good, hips cocked just a little and dick hard, flushed with blood. But then Spencer's fingers are trailing up, and Brendon sinks into the mattress, rubbing his cock against the sheets, just a little, while Spencer's hand strokes his calf and thigh, ghosting over the curve of his ass.

"Have you done this before?" Spencer asks.

Brendon nods into the sheets, eyes closed, but then thinks, asks, "Have you? With a guy?" He twists around again so he can see Spencer, and Spencer slides back onto the bed with him, pulling Brendon closer. Brendon resists the urge to nuzzle into Spencer's chest and watches his face instead.

"Yeah," Spencer finally says, nodding, and there's something in his face that's closed off in a way Brendon recognizes.

"Is it." Brendon pauses, thinks maybe he should let it go, but. "Does this have anything to do with Ryan?"

Spencer's face shutters more, and Brendon strokes Spencer's side apologetically. He doesn't take it back, though, and eventually Spencer says. "Let's not think about Ryan right now, okay? We can talk about him later."

Brendon wavers, but he ends up nodding, because Spencer knows Ryan better, and if he thinks it can wait, then it can wait.

"Thank you," Spencer says, and kisses Brendon softly. Brendon opens for him, and it stays slow and exploratory, sweet, like it's not leading to anything but more kissing, even when Spencer rolls them so Brendon's on his back and Spencer's straddling him, keeping their hips apart even while Brendon arches up, seeking contact.

Instead, Spencer strokes Brendon's skin, all over, palms dragging over Brendon's shoulders, down his arms, up over his chest, and Brendon doesn't know if it's supposed to be soothing or arousing, or maybe Spencer just wants to touch him. But Brendon wants more, so he flattens his own hands on Spencer's shoulders and drags them down until his hands are full of Spencer's ass, and he squeezes, smiling at Spencer's loud groan.

"So," Brendon says. "About that fucking we were going to do..."

He lets it trail off with a grin, and Spencer smacks a kiss over it before pulling back and saying, "Fine, Bren, I'll fuck you now. Happy?"

Brendon glances down between them, and they're both fully hard, ready, so he says, "Not quite, but I will be soon." He drags Spencer back down for a real kiss, and fumbles his hand over until he's got the lube. Snapping it open, he drags one of Spencer's hands from the side of his neck so he can squeeze the lube onto Spencer's fingers. Then he guides Spencer's hand down, and lets go, waiting, biting lightly at Spencer's lower lip and canting his hips up, legs spread invitingly.

Spencer breaks the kiss when his fingers slip back behind Brendon's balls, but it's not to look down and watch the first finger prod at Brendon's hole, then sink inside slowly. Instead, he's watching Brendon's face, and Brendon fights to keep his eyes open, because watching the flare of heat in Spencer's eyes and the tightening of Spencer's jaw has to be as good as whatever Spencer's seeing on Brendon's face.

Sweat trickles down from Spencer's hairline to drip down his temple, and Brendon misses what Spencer looks like when he crooks his finger inside Brendon and something sparks up his spine and behind his eyelids. He arches into it, and Spencer kisses his forehead, murmurs, "gorgeous" into Brendon's skin. He moves his finger gently, slowly, waiting for what seems like forever before he starts to push in a second finger.

Brendon drags in a breath and digs his fingers into Spencer's back, so they won't slip across his skin, where sweat is starting to gather. "Spence," he gasps, and he should probably try for other words, to tell Spencer how it feels or what he wants, but he finds himself just saying it again, "Spence," breathy and uneven.

"So good," Spencer says, and pushes his fingers deeper, widening and scissoring them, stretching Brendon, and it mostly feels weird, like it has the few times Brendon's done this before, until Spencer makes a point to start rubbing over that spot periodically, and that's good, amazing enough that Brendon is pretty sure Spencer should never stop doing that.

Only, then Spencer says, "One more?" pressing a third fingertip against Brendon's ass, and Brendon drags his eyes open so Spencer will know he means it when he nods, their eyes locked. Spencer lowers his head and fits their mouths together, and his tongue pushes into Brendon's mouth at the same time a third finger breaches Brendon's ass, and the sweetness of Spencer's kiss helps offset the burn of penetration.

It's not...it's not too much, it's just been a while, and Brendon's never been able to get comfortable with the idea of fingering his own ass or buying a toy for it. And until recently, he'd been pretty sure he'd never hear the end of it if one of the guys found out about that kind of stuff, anyway.

Part of him is really glad that this is still foreign enough to be novel, because it makes it feel new that Spencer's fingering him so carefully, taking his time to make sure Brendon will be ready to take his cock. Brendon really, really appreciates that, almost as much as the way Spencer makes sure he's pressing against Brendon's prostate, until eventually Brendon's whimpering each time, working his hips just a little on Spencer's fingers.

Brendon hears it when Spencer draws in a shuddering breath above him, and he shivers when Spencer says, "Now?"

Brendon nods, says, "Yes," and wraps a hand in Spencer's hair to draw him down again. He can't seem to get enough of Spencer's mouth. He's glad Spencer's there to swallow his embarrassing whine when Spencer pulls his fingers out slowly.

Once they both run out of breath, Spencer ends the kiss and gasps for air. Then he nods down the bed, says, "A little help." Brendon grabs the condom and rips the wrapper open. He lifts an eyebrow in a silent question, and Spencer shrugs. His fingers are slick on Brendon's hip, but he could still put on the condom himself. Then again, though, Brendon likes the idea of doing it himself.

He drags one hand down Spencer's back, through the sweat there, then uses the slickness, wrapping his hand around Spencer's cock and stroking a few times, watching the way Spencer's mouth falls open as his hips jerk forward into Brendon's touch. Brendon abandons the tease quickly, though, because he's ready, really ready, and there's no doubt Spencer is, too.

"We should probably, um, hands and knees," Brendon says regretfully, because even though he'd like to be able to see Spencer's face, it really has been a long time, and it'll be easier this way.

"Yeah," Spencer agrees, and even though his voice sounds almost drugged, his eyes are close to sharp when he glances around the room. Then, unexpectedly, he's up and off the bed. Brendon props himself up on his elbows again, watching in confusion as Spencer walks over to the dresser, naked and fucking gorgeous, and drags the whole thing to the foot of the bed, and his arms, God, they look so good. Brendon watches his own eyes go a little wide, because oh, hello, the mirror on top of the dresser is right there, so he can see between his own spread thighs, see the lube glistening there.

"You don't get to make fun of me for wanting to see your face," Spencer says, and Brendon shakes his head vigorously.

"No," he agrees. "Best idea ever," he says, and climbs to his knees. He can see Spencer's everything like this, because Spencer's angled away from the mirror, toward the bed. So when Brendon looks at Spencer, there's his dick and nipples, mouth and eyes, and when Brendon looks at the mirror, there's Spencer's ass and back, his thighs. It's awesome.

Still, he wants more than to just look at Spencer, so he tugs at Spencer's arm and goes down on all fours, wiggling his ass (he hopes) enticingly. "You can fuck me now," he says, and Spencer wastes no time climbing on the bed behind Brendon.

There's the click of the lube bottle again, before Spencer moves between Brendon's legs. The first press of his cock, the first rocking movement of Spencer's hips forward, has Brendon gasping and has Spencer petting Brendon's shoulder soothingly before he clamps his hand down there and holds Brendon steady as he pushes in slowly, carefully. Brendon tries to relax into it, but the stretch is intense, enough that Brendon struggles to keep his breathing deep and steady as he can until his body adjusts to the intrusion.

"Okay?" Spencer asks when he's all the way in. Brendon nods shakily, and Spencer's hand squeezes his shoulder reassuringly as Spencer's other hand drops to Brendon's dick. He strokes Brendon loosely, mostly just rubbing over the head, and oh, yes. Brendon's body sort of re-centers, halfway between his dick and his ass, and it's easier when Spencer withdraws a bit, then rocks back forward.

It's still a little overwhelming, makes breathing harder, but in a really, really good way. Because it's Spencer, and he's inside Brendon, and Brendon's done this seldom enough that it's still stunningly intimate to be taken, to open himself up like this.

Spencer's rocking inside him rhythmically, slowly, and his voice is like sandpaper when he says, "Look up, Bren. Let me see you."

Brendon hasn't even been thinking about that, the mirror, just dropping his head down between his shoulders when Spencer started pushing inside. It's an effort to look up, an effort for his neck to hold up the weight of his head. But it's worth it to see Spencer behind him, hips rolling forward and back as his hand clenches tight on Brendon's shoulder, until his knuckles are going white. Brendon will probably have bruises.

Looking up is definitely worth it to see Spencer's face. It's open and a little dazed, even. His eyes are hooded and heated, and his mouth is open a bit as he pants, face red and his hair sticking to his temples and his forehead where the skin is sweaty.

It's gorgeous, is what it is. It might as well be Brendon who says, "You look so good, god," but he realizes dimly that it's Spencer, so he drags his eyes from Spencer to see himself, and he looks... Abandon is the word for it, he thinks. His skin is flushed, like Spencer's, and wet with sweat, and his own mouth is open. He's arching back for Spencer, trying to get all that he can, and there's naked desire on his face. He knows Spencer can read it, so there's no shame in begging, saying, "More, please."

Spencer complies. He lets go of Brendon's cock, but it's not something Brendon can bring himself to mourn, not quite, because he's still fucking Brendon so good, and now he's wrapping that hand around Brendon's throat, holding his chin up with two firm fingers under it so he can meet Brendon's eyes in the mirror. Then Spencer...lets go, thrusting harder, angling so that sparks are going off inside Brendon with almost every thrust. Brendon wonders if it's possible to come just like this, from Spencer fucking him just right, not even touching his cock, and he moans at the thought.

It's a mistake, maybe. Because once Brendon starts, he can't stop, and he's a mess -- sweating and panting and writhing on Spencer's cock, moaning at every thrust and gasping or crying out when Spencer hits his prostate. He's trying so hard to keep his eyes open, because the look on Spencer's face is beyond words, the mix of pleasure and pride and love, but it's too overwhelming. His eyes slide closed, and the only thing holding up his head is Spencer's firm grip. But then Spencer growls and lets go, lets Brendon's head drop back forward, and he reaches for Brendon's dick stroking it tight and fast and pounding into him. Brendon's arms start to go weak, but he manages to keep them locked and hold himself up. Still, he can't hold out against this, against Spencer, not when Spencer cries, "Brendon!" and twists his fist over the head of Brendon's cock.

Brendon comes, body going taut as he spills over Spencer's fingers. He shudders hard when Spencer's fist tightens, wringing out the last of Brendon's orgasm to the hard rhythm of Spencer's hips. But when Brendon goes limp, Spencer stops. He holds still for a minute, hips pushing forward minutely before he pulls out carefully. Brendon winces, whole body oversensitive now, but Spencer's careful, helping Brendon down, onto his side.

Spencer settles on his back next to him, and he's moving gingerly himself. Brendon looks down curiously, and yep, Spencer's still hard, hasn't come yet.

Brendon takes a long moment to catch his breath, then gestures down, even though his muscles feel like they've been liquefied. "Need some help with that?" he asks. It's almost a surprise that his voice sounds so raw. He must have made more noise than he realized.

Spencer strokes a hand down Brendon's arm, eyes wandering down Brendon's body, but he holds Brendon's hand at his side with a small shake of his head.

"I want to try something," he says. "I. I've spent a lot of time listening to you while you touched yourself, but never gotten to see it, and I... I want to know what you look like. And I thought maybe you might want the same thing." He smiles ruefully, but he's looking Brendon in the eye. "So I want to get off. Well, obviously, but. I want to get myself off, and I want you to watch."

Brendon stares for a minute before he says, "And you thought I'd protest that?" Because really, Spencer should know better.

Spencer laughs. "No, it's just that, I want to see you, too. Not right now, I mean. It's too soon. But I eventually want to watch you while you touch yourself, and right now I want you to see me."

Brendon smiles. "Please," he says, and watches hungrily as Spencer slides his hand down, the same one he used on Brendon's cock, and tugs the condom off before he wraps his fingers around his dick.

Spencer starts out slow, which Brendon is a little in awe of, because Spencer was so obviously close when Brendon came. But Spencer doesn't seem to be in a hurry. He licks his lips and closes his eyes and drags his hand up, gives his cockhead the same twist he gave Brendon's, then thumbs across the tip. He's breathing heavy, and his chest is sweaty, and Brendon wants to touch him, but he clasps his hands together and watches.

Slow turns into something a little faster, and Spencer concentrates on the head of his cock a lot. Brendon files the information away in his mind, like he's been doing with everything he's learned that Spencer likes. He wonders what Spencer would do if Brendon went down on him and just sucked the head, slurping around it and tonguing it and kissing the tip, then sucking again until Spencer came in his mouth. He'll have to try it sometime.

He drags his mind back to the present, because this is every bit as good. Spencer's hips are pushing up off the bed a little now, into his hand, and he's jacking himself fast, grunting a little. His eyes are squeezed shut tight, so Brendon's careful, slow, inching his hand over and hoping Spencer won't notice. His hand is hovering over Spencer's leg, and he's trying to decide what to do. Spencer just wanted him to watch, not touch, but. Okay, he won't touch Spencer's cock. That'll be good, right?

He moves his hand lower, waits until Spencer lets out another grunt, jerking himself roughly, and then Brendon touches Spencer's balls, stroking over them with his thumb, then slipping a finger behind them and rubbing. Spencer's eyes fly open -- Brendon knows because he's watching Spencer's face -- but his eyes are sort of unfocused, and suddenly his body is spasming and he's coming. Brendon cups his hand over Spencer's balls so he can feel while Spencer's cock jerks and he comes over his stomach.

Brendon's almost as breathless as Spencer when Spencer stops moving his hand and melts into the bed, hand cupped loosely over his cock.

"Jesus," Brendon says softly. "If I'd known that's what you looked like all that time, I would have climbed into your bunk the first night."

A blissed out smile spreads over Spencer's face. "Yeah," he says. He doesn't say anything about Brendon touching when he wasn't supposed to, so Brendon snuggles up to his side and presses his face into Spencer's shoulder. Spencer's smell is strong there, sex and sweat, and Brendon's not even close to wanting to complain. They're all turned around and backward, heads at the foot of the bed, but it doesn't matter. Spencer wraps his arm around him and sighs into Brendon's hair.

"Tomorrow," he says, "we'll..." he trails off. "We'll let tomorrow take care of tomorrow."

Brendon yawns. "'Kay," he says. Spencer knows what he's talking about, and he can trust that. "But sleep now," he says.

"Sleep now," Spencer agrees.

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