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FIC: Just Like an Infomercial -- Spencer/Ryan, NC-17

Look, it's a ficlet! Written for rossetti! I asked for prompts last week, and she wanted "ryan/spencer (SHOCK), morning sex or stoned sex. OR BOTH." I gave it a go!

Just Like an Infomercial
Spencer/Ryan, NC-17, ~1400 words

Spencer likes beds. Especially nice, big beds with enough space where he can roll over and over, like, four times before he's even close to rolling off. It's also nice when they have real, plush mattresses and aren't constantly moving underneath him, like his bunk when the bus is on the move.

But it's a little weird to have sex on beds. Okay, no, it's not about having sex on beds in general. It's about Ryan's bed specifically. Because he bought one of those mattresses they saw in an infomercial late one night, late enough that it was closer to sunrise than to midnight.

In the infomercial, there was a person, like, jumping on the bed, about two feet away from where they'd set this glass of wine, which was just weird, because who would jump on their bed after they put a glass of wine on it? Spencer was pretty sure most people wouldn't set wine glasses on their beds to begin with, actually.

But then the perky people who were spouting off all the reasons why it was such a great mattress broke out a bowling ball and started dropping that on the bed, and Spencer knew people didn't run around throwing bowling balls on their mattresses. That was just ridiculous.

He had reached to change the channel, but then Ryan said, "Wait," and fumbled at his hand, trying to steal the remote probably, but he ended up knocking it to the floor. They both stared at it for a minute, then stared at each other. Ryan's eyes were wide, and strayed back to the TV quickly.

"Where's my phone?" he asked. "I need to get one of those." He gasped as the bowling ball bounced closer to the wine glass, but the glass stayed standing and didn't spill a drop. "Dude, that's awesome," Ryan said. "Where's my phone?"

Spencer ended up handing Ryan his own phone, then rolling his eyes and a new joint while Ryan made the call.

So Spencer had thought it was dumb at the time, but it's a really fucking comfortable bed. Like, Ryan's right here beside him, stroking his own cock steadily, and Spencer can't feel the bed moving at all.

It's pretty impressive.

For a second, he imagines what would happen if he got up and got a glass of wine from Ryan's kitchen and put it on the bed next to him. He ends up laughing so hard at the thought that his whole body's shaking. The mattress isn't. It really is amazing. And sort of creepy. Spencer wonders what it's even made of.

"Shut up," Ryan groans. "Why are you laughing?" His voice comes out uneven and rough, and Spencer watches the twist of Ryan's hand over the head of his cock. It's pretty fucking hot, so instead of answering, Spencer shifts around until he's on his belly, then wiggles close enough that he can lean over and lick at Ryan's hipbone.

"Mmmmm," Ryan says, and Spencer licks across his belly, bites a little. Ryan has no real flesh to speak of there, so he ends up giggling, and hey, Spencer's close enough now that he can feel the mattress move a little bit.

"I like your bed," Spencer tells Ryan's stomach. "'S'nice." He lays his head on Ryan's stomach for a minute, but then Ryan bucks his hips up off the bed, and Spencer thinks maybe his head isn't in the best place. Ryan might come in his hair or something. Spencer gathers his energy and pushes up a bit. He watches Ryan's hand, absently reaching down to give his own cock a friendly squeeze through his boxers.

"What about my cock?" Ryan asks, and that seems like a random question until Ryan says, "It's nice, too. Don't you like it?"

Spencer's not dumb, and he can recognize Ryan fishing for a blowjob when he hears it. So he shrugs and shifts around until he can flop back down on his side, so his head's even with Ryan's hips and Ryan's head is even with his own hips. Ryan stops touching himself and pushes up on his elbows, frowning down at Spencer.

"What? 'M too tired to do all the work," Spencer says. "Come here."

It only takes one hand on Ryan's cock and one on his hip to get him to turn on his side. Spencer stares for a minute and tries not to giggle, because he's not used to doing this from this angle, and Ryan's cock is upside down from usual. Still, it's kind of neat when he opens his mouth and takes Ryan in, tongue sliding up the top of his cock instead of the underside.

Spencer sucks a little sloppily before he just grabs Ryan's ass and hauls him closer. Ryan can be so fucking lazy when he's high.

Speaking of which.

Spencer sinks down until his mouth meets his fist, feels the burst of precome on the back of his tongue, then slides off entirely.

"Hey," he says, "while you're down there." He bucks his hips forward a little, and Ryan huffs. "Don't be a selfish bitch," Spencer says, and to prove that he means it, he waits until Ryan pulls his cock out through the slit of his boxers and licks across the tip. When Ryan sucks in the head, sealing his lips behind the ridge and tonguing the slit just like Spencer likes, Spencer rewards him by going back down on him.

It's harder to move his hips like this, but that's okay. Ryan's doing that oddly focused thing he does sometimes, fixating on one thing for a good long while instead of getting down to business. If Spencer were feeling more urgent, he'd roll them over until he was straddling Ryan's head, then fuck Ryan's face, but as it is, it just feels really, really good. Plus, the wet sound of Ryan's mouth every time he pulls off to just tongue the head is fucking hot.

Spencer lets himself take his time, too, bobbing his head gently for a while before he pushes Ryan's legs open a little. He waits until Ryan catches on and plants one foot on the bed, keeping himself open. Then Spencer pushes two fingers in his mouth alongside Ryan's cock.

Ryan, greedy bastard that he, is, chooses that moment to buck forward. The scrape of teeth he gets in return is his own fault, and Spencer pulls his fingers out of his mouth -- wet enough -- and slaps Ryan's ass when Ryan stops sucking Spencer's cock to say, "Ow, fuck."

Spencer tries to say, "It's your own fault," but Ryan's cock is in the way, and Spencer likes having it stretch his mouth open and make his jaw ache too much to let go.

His hand is still on Ryan's ass from when he slapped it, and he lets Ryan be selfish for a bit, afraid of his own dick getting nipped, when he pushes one finger into Ryan's ass. Ryan moans, and damn it, that would have felt really good if he'd still been blowing Spencer.

So Spencer pushes his hips forward hopefully. Ryan gets with the program after Spencer's dick slides over his cheek a couple of times. Which, Ryan needs to fucking shave.

It seems like with a finger inside him, working in and out, rubbing across his prostate, Ryan suddenly finds some urgency. His hips work to the rhythm of his mouth, to the way he sucks and bobs his head, and fuck, it's so good, too good, and Spencer's belly tightens as he picks up the rhythm and matches it with the wet slide of his mouth on Ryan, with a second finger pushing into Ryan's ass.

It's too much, apparently, because Ryan pulls off Spencer's dick, grunting and coming in Spencer's mouth in hot pulses. Spencer's nice, so he swallows, sucking Ryan through it and letting Ryan go soft in his mouth while Ryan whimpers. It's too much with Ryan's dick so sensitive, but Spencer knows Ryan loves it. Before Ryan's all the way gone, Spencer gives his prostate another rub and wrings one last weak spurt from Ryan's cock. Spencer swallows again before he finally lets Ryan slip from his mouth. But he leaves his fingers in Ryan's ass, working them deeper as Ryan's body goes pliant, sated.

"Gonna fuck you now," Spencer says as soon as he's cleared his throat and made his voice work again.

"Mmmmm," Ryan says, and Spencer shifts up the bed until he can see Ryan's face, Ryan's eyes blissfully closed.

He thinks he could probably get away with going to get a glass of wine and seeing if it would stay up while he fucked Ryan. Ryan probably wouldn't even notice.


Thank you, slowlikewine, for giving it a readthrough and an OK! *smooches you*
Tags: boys in the band, fic
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